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Joke Gadgets The opportunity to really take your party guests for a ride!
At Horror Shop, we love to laugh. That’s why we love the famous quote “Any day without a smile is a day wasted!” by Charlie Chaplin. That’s why we offer you countless funny items in our joke category. From fake tattoos for the novice pranksters to poopy diapers and poop spray for the humor experts, you’ll find the right funny novelty item for your personality.

Joke Gadgets items are an easy way to turn your next Halloween party into a night to remember. Who doesn’t love them, the classic joke items like stink bombs, turds, laugh bags and more. Here at our store, we have a wide selection of horror joke items that you can use to scare the crap out of your friends!

To create a more creepy atmosphere on Halloween, we recommend you a tattoo wound, a severed ear, joke razor blades with blood or an IV syringe. Or do you want to have a fun party this year that’s still a little spooky? We have the slimy Slimy Heart, a bloody maggot water ball or the popular and disgusting Pongball Eyes to match! With one of our joke items you’re sure to have fun at the next Halloween party!

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