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Wigs are probably one of the most fun things you can wear at the party! Slowly on the slopes … No one will believe that it is a wig … Our wigs are so realistic that it is difficult to see if they are really fake or real!

Is the flint starting to look forward? Or do you just want to test if blondes are really stupider …? Look no further than this!

There is no better party stuff because you can be exactly who you want to be for an evening! For a complete masquerade costume, the right hair is a must, otherwise you will never win the prize for best suit. Also great if you want to spice things up a bit at work or shock your classmates with the fact that you have become flinty during the night. In our range of wigs, you will find something for every occasion.
Celebrity wigs
– If you want to be a rock star for one night, or just think that Tina Turner has the most beautiful hairstyle in the whole world, then you have found the right one. Here you can turn into a sexy hard rocker with a poodle wig, a singing soul diva, or the king of rock with a real Elvis wig. If you’re more for politics, Trump’s cheeky needles may attract while the wife gets to go like The First Lady.

We offer wigs for both children and adults!

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