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Foil balloons

Foil balloons are you planning a children’s party, birthday party, student celebration, engagement party, baby shows or baptism? All events like these need decorations, and there is nothing that creates such a festive feeling as just balloons. Here you will find our entire range of balloons! These shiny, stylish models last a long time and are also easy to fill with their self-closing valve.

Our overall category of balloons has high ceilings – there are absolutely no limits to what a foil balloon can look like. We offer variations in the form of numbers, letters, animals, dishes and lots of balloons with specific themes that are perfect for different theme parties.

We at LeoGadgets have a strong conviction that balloons not only belong at children’s parties, but we of course offer a variety of foil balloons for just that purpose. Balloons and children simply belong together, and it will be extra fun if you fill them up with helium so that they float (the balloons, not the children).

Our foil balloons have a flight time of a full 7 days with helium, but they can of course also be filled with air. We offer single-colored balloons in the form of stars, hearts and round balls, but also expressive balloons with special themes.

If your child wants a party with, for example, an animal theme, you can find cows, monkeys, zebras and cute pandas in our range. Here you will also find adorable unicorn balloons for parties with a magical theme, or why not fill the party room with balloons that represent different emojis? With our huge selection of foil balloons, the children’s party will be the highlight of the year for everyone involved!

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