Air cooler - Air conditioning mini

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Air cooler – Air conditioning mini

Perfect compact size – right for your desk, bedside table or coffee table – or wherever you need cold, clean air. The air cooler is the perfect solution if you want fresh air in the room on a hot day. Despite its limited size, the air cooler delivers large amounts of cold air and you can keep your head cool.

The air cooler works by drawing hot air from the room through an evaporator filter. During the process, the air is moistened, cleaned and cooled, which provides a fantastic indoor climate.

The air cooler is easy to use and can be handled by anyone. Fill the chamber with water and connect the power. Then it runs just like Arctic Air can be connected to standard electrical outlets, but can also be powered via power via a USB port. Mini Air cooler mini works up to 8 hours on a filling. Best suited for in front of a computer.

Luftkylaren och den inbyggda fläkten är till stor del tyst och är därför perfekta för att skapa ett bekvämt klimat i sovrummet så att du kan få en bekväm sömn. Fläkten kan ställas in så att den når önskad temperatur. Fläkten har tre hastigheter och luftventilerna är justerbara så att de kan vridas upp och ner beroende på hur starkt du vill svalna.

Equipped with LED lighting so that it can be used as a night light. The lamp has 7 different color settings and you can set it to display a specific color or let the lamp switch between the seven colors.

Unlike larger air conditioners, this air cooler is incredibly economical to use.

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