Cards Against Humanity

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Cards Against Humanity is an entertaining party game for you who are not always so nice on the edge. The game pushes the human boundaries a bit but is hysterically fun for those with the right humor.

At each round of play, a player asks a question from one of the black cards where one or two words are missing. The white cards contain a word with which the other players must answer and fill in to get together to a complete sentence. The more bizarre / funny the statement becomes along with the word from the white card, the better!

You will soon understand why the game is called “A party game for horrible people”.

Facts about Cards Against Humanity:

This is the US version (US)
Language English
A total of 550 cards, of which 460 white and 90 black
Version: US Edition
Includes game rules in English
Recommended age: 17+
Playing time: about 30-90 min
Number of players: 4-20
Special Pack Facts (Fantasy, Geek, Sci-Fi & WWW):
30 cards per pack
You need the original game
Contains US references that you may not understand
Choose from Fantasy Pack, Geek Pack, Sci-Fi Pack and WWW Pack
Facts about Expansion Box (Blue, Green, Red, Absurd):
300 cards per box
You need the original game
Contains clever jokes that only a real Einstein understands
Choose between Blue Box, Green Box and Red Box
Facts about Family Edition:
600 cards per box
Age: 8 years
Contains family-friendly cards
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