Led Sling RGB Bluetooth

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Led Sling RGB Bluetooth

Use as a backlight for the TV or to light up the kitchen doors or the wardrobe. You can also have it as decorative lighting, both indoors and outdoors. The uses are endless. LED loop with Bluetooth that can be controlled with the mobile phone! A convenient way to handle an atmospheric light loop without much effort.

  • Type: LED
  • Control: Bluetooth (via app for iOS / Android)
  • Adjust the Strength of the Light: 1-100 Bluetooth distance: 15 m Power: 12W Brightness: 400 ch Color temperature: 3000-6500 Water resistant: Yes, IP65 (only
  • applies to the LED loop, not the power supply unit) Suitable for: TV, computer screen, decorative lighting, kitchen cabinets, shelves, wardrobe, mirrors etc.
  • Compatibility: iOS / Android

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