Musse & Mimmi Foil Balloon

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Product description

Mickey & Mimmi Pigg Foil Balloon invite Disney’s favorite characters to your party! Choose between Mickey and Mimmi Pigg foil balloons to liven up the atmosphere.

Mimmi is the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse

Mickey spends a lot of time with friends Långben and Kalle Anka as well as nephews Teddi and Freddi and girlfriend Mimmi Pigg. He also owns the dog Pluto. In recent years in series contexts, Mickey is often seen as a detective along with Goofy. Enemies include Svarte Petter, Spökplumpen, Emil Örn, Putte and Knölen.


  • Dimensions: 112×65 cm
  • Material: Aluminum foil
  • Sold individually
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