Smart Robot RC

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59 USD
59 USD


Perfect balance: the robot moves freely forwards / backwards / left / right according to your instructions.

Avoidance mode: with a built-in sensing unit, the robot can detect the barriers in front of it automatically.

Dance mode: the robot can automatically dance to the inner music. In addition, the machine will play music in random order.

Human-computer interaction mode: with built-in sensing device, you can easily use your hands to control the robot.

Carrying position: fastened with a washer, the robot can carry up to 200 g in weight.


  • remote control distance is about 15 meters.
    Robot size: 13.5 * 7.1 * 19.1 cm


Packaging included:

1 x F4 robot
1 x cable
1 x compartment
1 x holder
1 x English manual
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