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Spy Gadgets

Have you ever watched a spy movie like Mission Impossible or the Bourne Identity and thought to yourself, “Yeah, I could do that.” Deep down, you might know that Jason Bourne can do things that you can’t, but that doesn’t mean that with the help of some of the best spy gadgets, you can’t at least try.

In addition, many real-life occupations do require stealth and clandestine operations. Bounty hunters, law enforcement, private investigators and journalists have many tools at their disposal. As a website named “Spy,” we’ve made it our mission to stay informed on these gadgets. In the past, we’ve written about the best spy pens, security cameras, and hidden cameras that can be used to keep or steal secrets.

Whether you’re gathering intel late at night, dropping off sensitive documents, or having a conversation with a client that isn’t meant for public consumption, we compiled a list of gadgets. These will enhance your sight (such as night vision goggles), disguise your voice and help you make sure you are safe and secure. Because we live in a surveillance state, cool spy gadgets are now available to consumers.

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